Sports Results 17th January

17 January 2022

Sports Results for week ending  Saturday 15th January.

Nicholls Lecture Series - John Collicutt

17 January 2022

In January, John Collicutt, author of ‘Street Safe Thinking’, spoke to Sixth Form students for the first instalment of the Nicholls Lecture Series of 2022, titled ‘A New Year’s Resolution which might save your life’. Drawing on his own experiences from the military, John delivered a topical lecture on personal safety and awareness.

Sports Results 10th December

10 January 2022

Sports Results for week ending Saturday 8th January.

Sports Results 13th December

14 December 2021

Sports Results for week ending Saturday 11th December.

Nicholls Lecture Series - Craig Pankhurst

09 December 2021

In December, Craig Pankhurst, founder of 'A Stroke of Luck' charity delivered the latest Nicholls Lecture to Sixth Form students.

Year 6 Visit to Imperial War Museum

08 December 2021

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the Imperial War Museum to support their History classroom work.

Nicholls Lecture Series - Sarah Laing

07 December 2021

Sixth Form students welcomed Sarah Laing who delivered the Nicholls Lecture entitled 'Yes Minister! How to run the country as part of the modern civil service'.

Sports Results 6th December

06 December 2021

Sports results for week ending 4th December.

Inspiring Talks Series - Nisha Katona

02 December 2021

We were delighted to welcome chef, restaurateur and popular TV presenter, Nisha Katona, to the School in November in conjunction with Linghams Booksellers in Heswall.

Sports Results 29th November

29 November 2021

Sports results for Prep and Seniors for week ending 27th November.