18 March 2020

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Birkenhead School Chaplain Fr Mark wants to reach out to the wider community and energise our school to do charitable deeds for those less fortunate. Fr Mark wishes to send out this message to our school community. 

In this time of global worry, we are seeing humanity acting according to type. There are so many good things people are doing: caring for others, loving their neighbour. Some, of course, are being selfish in stockpiling and profiteering. I want to mobilise Birkenhead School Community as a force for good. We need to give students something positive to focus on.

With your help, I want to encourage our community here to make a difference to those who cannot stockpile, or who are reliant on foodbanks. In this last week, we have set up a ‘harvest festival’ collection with a difference. I have asked different year groups to target certain foodbank needs or to have a different charity focus.

Nursery – Breakfast products

Reception to Year 2 – Hygiene products

Years 3 to 6 – Cans of food

Year 7 – to collect breakfast products

Year 8 – to run in house charity events for students

Year 9 – to collect drinks

Year 10 – to collect general hygiene products

Year 11 – to collect tinned cans of food.

Years 12 and 13 – to collect female hygiene products

To make it fun, we have started the seniors off with an inter-form competition; who can collect the most? So please take your goods to form classes, where the teacher can log the amount each form has collected. They will then ask students to drop the goods off at Chapel in the white bins.

In this very serious time for some, let’s make a difference, dig deep and give generously where we can. We can show our students the very best of loving our neighbour.

NB: If you can’t get hold of your assigned items, please just give anything you can!

We have already sent two big bins of food over today; click here to see more updates on Twiiter. 

May God wrap his loving arms around each one of us and those whom we love.

Fr Mark