15 July 2020

Birkenhead School entered the Economic Horizons – Treasury Competition and came 2nd in the North West. Their remit was to work remotely in a team and put together a recorded presentation of the state of the UK economy, and policies to improve its fortunes in the coming years. These were then judged by members of the government’s Treasury Department. 

The ‘Economic Horizon’ competition is an opportunity for Year 12 Economics students in the North West of England to ‘scan the horizon’: to try to identify, anticipate and neutralise oncoming economic threats, just like economists in finance ministries and central banks across the world do. 

Our students were given the task to work as a team to devise and communicate the most insightful analysis of the current UK economy, and the best economic policy advice for achieving its economic objectives. 

Our team consisted of: Archie Parker-Goff, Andrew Rutherford, Matthew Diaz-Rainey and David Turner. 

Head judge of the competition, Nick MacPherson, former Permanent Secretary at the Treasury, reviewed the four Year 12 finalists (Withington Girls’ School, Manchester, The Grange School, Hartford, Cheadle Hulme School, Stockport, Birkenhead School) and determined that Birkenhead School’s entry was the second best in the whole competition.  

Mr Rule, Head of Business and Economics said, 'the team was a really great bunch to work with and it was a worthwhile competition.'

We are very proud of our students for their work and achievements and we are very pleased they benefited from the competition.