20 October 2020

Between 8-13th October, the pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 went to Barnstondale Adventure and Activity Centre for the day. They were split into groups with two Houses attending each day.

The weather was erratic to say the least, but that did not dampen the pupils’ enthusiasm and it was wonderful to watch them having such a good time; playing on the adventure playground, enjoying the football pitch, swings, climbing areas and roundabout.

Pupils were placed into three groups and had four activities to participate in throughout the day. One of the activities was orienteering which was enjoyed by all and encouraged the teachers and students to be more observant! During archery, the pupils listened very well to all the safety instructions and thoroughly enjoyed having a go. It was stretching (no pun intended!) but the odd bullseye was even achieved!

Silence reigned whilst the eagerly awaited food was consumed. After lunch, there was a huge downpour, but when the skies cleared a little, the pupils engaged in some team building exercises. Firstly, they were given crates and planks of wood which they had to use to create a path from one end of the ‘volcano’ to the other. The children worked well and encouraged each other. Next, the ‘swamps’ of Barnstondale were tackled in an activity which required the pupils to navigate their way around the adventure playground with crates and a very large barrel in tow. In both tasks, they weren’t allowed to touch the ground and had to stop what they were doing for ten seconds if they did. Communication was certainly the key!

The final task of the day was rock climbing and abseiling. Not for the faint hearted! Much bravery and perseverance was on display here and some of the children could certainly give Spiderman a run for his money! This was challenging for many, but the pupils’ resilience and ‘can do’ attitude really impressed us all.

Well done everyone, a thoroughly enjoyable few days with many skills being developed and much fun and laughter experienced.