19 October 2020

National Nursery Practitioners Day took place on Saturday 17th October and was an opportunity for us to thank our Early Years teams in Nursery and Pre-Prep for everything that they do.

By Sam Mason, Head of Early Years

On Saturday 17th October, nurseries up and down the country celebrated Nursery Practitioners Day. Founded in 2018 by Coop Childcare, this is a wonderful way to celebrate and raise awareness of the amazing work early years staff do and the vital role they play in inspiring young children every day.

Children’s earliest years of education are the foundations for their future successes; with enthusiasm, creativity, love and commitment all beingfundamental.

To mark the day we asked our parents to share a few thoughts on our Early Years team and the difference they make to their child's lives. We were overwhelmed with so many lovely comments and we displayed these on noticeboards for our staff to read, along with providing a small 'pamper' gift for each member of staff to enjoy. We kept the day secret from the teams so it came as a complete surprise when they arrived at work on the Friday morning and it was lovely to see the emotion and expressions on their faces as they read what our parents had written.

Some of the quotes included: 

"...each morning we go to work confident that our daughter will be having fun and will be encouraged to love learning..."

"...it's a magical thing to provide for children and families day in and day out..."

"...all the staff exuberate a level of warmth and love towards all of the children which is truly inspiring to see..."

"...as parents its so heartening to know while we're busy working he's having fun in such a loving, caring environment that's child-centred..."

"...our daughter skips into school and comes running out and beaming about how good her day has been - this means the world to us..."

I would like to thank the whole of our Early Years team for their hard work and dedication. What you do everyday changes life’s and today is the day that we want to acknowledge that! Despite the difficulties, we have we have all faced this year you have continued to provide a warm, nurturing, and educationally challenging environment for our youngest minds.