01 July 2021

Team work, independence and confidence were just some of the skills developed by Year 6 pupils when they went on their annual PGL trip. PGL have been running children's holidays since 1957 and they offer fantastic opportunities to get enjoy the outdoors and have an exciting adventure. We were especially delighted that our pupils were able enjoy the trip this year which was filled with new challenges, new friendships and lots of laughs. 

By Olanna, Prep Head Girl 

Year 6 were fortunate enough to experience a wonderful trip to PGL in May. The trip was filled with sunshine, good fun and probably a bit too many sweets. We enjoyed so many exciting activities kayaking, abseiling, orienteering, rifle shooting, giant swing, trapeze and lots more. We had a lovely team leader named JP who made our trip even more enjoyable. The stand out moment for me was when I got stuck at the highest point of the giant swing with my friends Lottie and Sophia but on the upside at least we got to go three times on it! It was an experience that we all will remember and cherish for many years to come. 

By Vivaan, Prep Head Boy 

PGL is one of the best outings of Year 6. The trip is one of a kind with fun activities, tasty food and amazing accommodation. Being away from our parents, it helps develop independence. The joy of staying together with friends for a weekend away will create memories you will never forget. The course consisted of many activities which some children may never have experienced before. These included a giant swing, orienteering, trapeze, rifle shooting and many more. There are four activity groups and each activity group follows a different order. In some activities, such as orienteering, teamwork is a vital skill. In others, such as rifle shooting, you need to be accurate by yourself. You wear harness for some activities that include heights to make sure you are safe.