11 September 2020

The new academic year has brought the launch of an updated School uniform, most notably a new range of ties and a bespoke tartan kilt in Year 6 and Seniors. School uniform plays an important role in setting the tone for academic and wider success and students are visible ambassadors for Birkenhead School, both on and off-site.

The changes bring more colour and vibrancy to the uniform, which is smarter and of higher quality. The collective improvement in appearance is significant. In Prep, a new tie has been introduced; although the look of the tie has remained much the same, it has changed shape to a traditional pointed tie and the quality of tie has improved.

Seniors students have seen several improvements to their uniform. A new, better quality blazer has been introduced, with more tailored options available for girls. One of the most significant changes is the bespoke tartan kilt, which is to be worn at a length comfortably below the knee. The trousers have a new design with a School crest watermark.

New ties have been introduced, with the red and yellow being more prominent. It was important to the School that the student voice was heard and contributed to the decision-making process regarding the changes to the School uniform; the student body has chosen three of the four new ties that have been introduced.

In addition, a new grey school jumper or tank top with gold stripe is an optional item for those cold winter months. If a student wishes to wear a scarf, there is a new scarf design available.

The Uniform Shop has also been upgraded. It has relocated to the old cadet building, providing a better setting for parents and students to purchase their uniform.

You can vist our online uniform shop by clicking here.