13 November 2023

On Friday 13th October, the Sixth Form were delighted to welcome Bafta award-winning actor and screenwriter, Celyn Jones, to the school as part of the Nicholls Lecture Series.

By Sophia C, Sixth Form Student 

In his engaging talk which combined both personal anecdotes and cinematic visuals, Mr Jones impressed upon all of us the importance of imagination when telling stories and discussed the difficulties of playing roles such as Dylan Thomas and a prolific serial killer. Using ET as an example, he also examined the relationships between interweaving narratives in films and how these can often act as a front for poignant humanitarian messages.  
Mr Jones also talked about his work as co-founder of the film production company, Mad as Birds, which has seen him develop several independent films including ‘Six Minutes to Midnight’ starring Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard. We were even treated to an exclusive premiere clip of part of his film starring Rebel Wilson, the Almond and the Seahorse, not yet released in the UK. 

On behalf of the whole of Sixth Form, I would like to extend my thanks to Celyn Jones for giving up his time to share such a fascinating lecture. For myself and many others hoping to enter creative industries, his experience and advice proved invaluable and deeply inspiring.