02 November 2023

On Monday the 16th of October Year 8 students set sail on a thrilling educational adventure to the heart of London, turning their trip into an unforgettable voyage of discovery. These young scholars navigated their way through the city, embracing the metaphorical role of sailors aboard a ship in search of knowledge. 

By Mrs Curry, Teacher of English

Their maritime journey began with their arrival at HMS Belfast, the historic warship moored on the Thames.  Following a brief stop to inspect their accommodation students meandered along the South Bank of the Thames and enjoyed a ride on the iconic London Eye, a colossal Ferris wheel that allows visitors to view the city in all its glory. As the students ascended, they marvelled at the sprawling metropolis, much like sailors climbing the crow's nest for a panoramic view of the open sea. Following the London Eye adventure, the students found themselves immersed into life on HMS Belfast as they undertook workshops in Morse Code and Signalling.  In the world of a sailor, communication is key, and these workshops served as their compass to understanding the art of survival at sea.  


Day 2 took the students to Shakespeare's Globe theatre, where a guided tour allowed them to set sail through the world of literature. A drama workshop followed, where they donned the roles of actors, exploring Shakespeare's works.  The young thespians learned how actors must navigate the seas of emotion to tell a compelling story. 


With hearts racing and curiosity ablaze, the young adventurers descended into the depths of the London Dungeons. An exploration of uncharted waters, where danger lurked around every corner, here, they faced the dark and gruesome aspects of London's history, bringing the past to life in a spine-tingling adventure.  


The students then embarked on a voyage along the River Thames, passing their HMS Belfast accommodation en route. As the boat gently plied the waters, it was reminiscent of sailors navigating through a liquid highway, witnessing the city's landmarks from a unique vantage point. 

As the sun set on London the students dropped anchor at Pizza Express, where they savoured a meal of delectable dough balls, delicious pizzas and to die for desserts.  The odyssey reached its crescendo with a performance of the acclaimed musical, "Wicked." As students watched the magical tale unfold on stage, they experienced the enchantment of storytelling, learning that stories have the power to transport us to new worlds. 



Day 3 began with an early rise and a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament, where the students witnessed the inner workings of the government. Students observed the heart of British governance, understanding the importance of navigating the country through turbulent times.  


Their voyage of knowledge ended at the Tower of London, where they explored the historic fortress.   Students marvelled at the Crown Jewels and the architecture, recognising the resilience and strength that has shaped the capital city over centuries. 



As these Year 8 students returned to Liverpool Lime Street, they were no longer mere landlubbers. Their educational journey to London had transformed them into seasoned mariners of knowledge, ready to set sail on the seas of life with a newfound appreciation for culture, history, and travel.