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Progression to Pre-Prep

The move to Pre-Prep is a natural step for children the term after their third birthday and play dates, games and activities all support the move so that children are happy, confident and ready for their next adventure.

The Nursery and Pre-Prep teams work closely together so that the children and families become familiar with both the setting and the Pre-Prep team before they move.

• Children have lots of fun trying on the Pre-Prep uniform in Nursery that also helps them practise being more independent

• Children visit Pre-Prep and the Dining Hall during their walks so that they become familiar with their new settings

• Stories and material are shared with children in the Nursery so that they become familiar with Pre-Prep

• Transition Evenings are held during the year for parents whose children are making the move to Pre-Prep
Month that children are starting Pre-Prep Month that the Transition Evening is held
January (internal moves and new starters) November
April (internal moves) January
September (internal moves and new starters) May

Children also have the opportunity to spend a full day in Pre-Prep in the summer term to familiarise themselves with the classroom and the routines.