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The first few years in a young child's life are a truly remarkable time and can make an enormous difference to a child's growth and development. Nursery is where our youngest children, from three months to three years, begin their journey of discovery and build the foundations for a lifelong adventure of learning.


We work hard to provide enabling environments that stimulate, excite and intrigue the children so that they are curious to see and do more. All these experiences help to shape their indivdual development and build the foundations for future success, wellbeing and lifelong learning.

From Nursery to Pre-Prep, the children learn through play. Children can become deeply involved in place, taking things they already know and combining them in new ways to increase their understanding and build on existing learning.


Situated within the beautiful grounds of Birkenhead School, we have easy access to wider school facilities.  Regular walks and activities within the School grounds add to the wider experiences of our little ones and help when they come to move through the School.  


When the time comes, the move to Pre-Prep is a natural step for children and play dates, games and activities all support the move so that children are happy, confident and ready for their next adventure.

We have a teaching team of the highest calibre who will nurture, care and scaffold your child's progress throughout the Early Years Foundation.

We warmly invite you to visit our Nursery and see what makes us a special place for your child’s formative years and visits are welcome throughout the year. We look forward to meeting you and your family and showing you around the Nursery.

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Nursery News

Early Years support for Koala North West

Early Years support for Koala North West

Charity News. Thank you to all of our parents in Early Years who kindly donated towards this year's collection for families supported by Koala North West. 

Furry Ears in Early Years!

Furry Ears in Early Years!

Over the last few months, we have had a few furry friends stay with us in Early Years - guinea pigs, Luna (grey) and Kiki (brown). The children and staff have loved getting to know and playing with the little fellows. The pigs take turns visiting the different age groups, from Under 2s to Pre-Prep; the children can have them on their knees, stroke them, and brush them. They feed them their favourite food, which is spinach, kale or cucumber.

Birkenhead School's Charity Mission

Birkenhead School's Charity Mission

"At the time of writing in Michaelmas term, Birkenhead School has been a charitable agent for over £11,000 in money and over a tonne of food, gifts, toys, parcels and the like. We have moved like an army on a mission to bring about change. We have worked together, generously and lovingly. In this COVID year, this School has displayed such community care in an inspirational way. Thank you all for your efforts" - Father Mark