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Co-Curricular Offering

The richness and breadth of our co-curricular programme is central to the all-round, balanced education provided at the School. 

With today’s society placing ever-increasing pressure on our young people, we look to educate and develop our students in the broadest sense. The most knowledgeable and the best contributors to School life, and thus the leaders of tomorrow, are those who have a wide range of skills and understanding that extends beyond the classroom.

"The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision is excellent."

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

We look for opportunities that broaden horizons and develop new skills, taking students outside of their comfort zones, whilst encouraging team work, resilience and leadership skills, enabling them to make an impact as they progress through life.

Individual passions are found in areas including sport, music, the arts and academia for cultivating intellectual mindsets, and lifelong hobbies and rewarding careers are built on these early experiences.

Clubs such as dance, gymnastics, climbing, coding, languages, astronomy, robotics, unicycling, choir and orienteering are just some of the exciting array of clubs and activities or offer.  We work hard to ensure that there is always something to excite and enthuse any pupil, whatever their interests or skills.

School Alumni and other notable speakers contribute to the richness of the co-curricular activities on offer and visits from renowned authors, musicians, professional sports people and adventurers have all featured in school events.

Our co-curricular programme is about ensuring that all students are nurtured and encouraged during their time at the School and that they can develop and excel their interests, passions, skills and values that will last a lifetime.

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Co-Curricular News

Outdoor Classroom Day 2024

Outdoor Classroom Day 2024

Today marks Outdoor Classroom Day, a global movement to make time outdoors part of every child's day and to encourage children to foster a love of nature and the outdoors.

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

Resilience, being one of the three Birkonian 'R's', has been much in demand this academic year. The 2022 Gold qualifying expedition postponed from the end of the summer term, eventually set off for South Wales on the eve of the Michaelmas half term.

Birkenhead School Civic Award - Mayer Level Ceremony

Birkenhead School Civic Award - Mayer Level Ceremony

The children in Little School and Prep were celebrated last week when the Mayor came into School to award them their 'Mayer Level' Awards as part of the Birkenhead School Civic Awards.