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Careers Support

Career Support is tailored and matched to individual student career ambitions.


Birkenhead Futures

Birkenhead Futures is an exciting new programme designed to prepare students for Higher Education and the world of work.  The programme is part of our ongoing commitment to offering our Sixth Formers the very best bespoke advice and guidance .  Whether students wish to opt for university, a degree apprenticeship or workplace training, the programme looks to ensure that students are equipped with the requisite skills, experiences and ambitions to succeed in life beyond Birkenhead School. 
Through the programme, students participate in a range of engaging and interactive workshops and seminars.  Each area of Birkenhead Futures is overseen by a specialist member of the Sixth Form team, offering students valuable opportunities to develop their wider reading and research skills, as well as providing them with interview practice and tailored preparation for the various tests required for certain courses.
The aim of Birkenhead Futures is to support every student, as they prepare to pursue their own personal goals and fulfil their ambitions. 

Subject Conferences

In 2018 we launched our Conference Programme which brings key speakers and leading professionals within their fields, alumni and current students together to offer valuable insights and networking opportunities in a range of careers and professions.

Conferences include:
  • Healthcare Conference
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Media & Arts
Other examples of talks and events attended by Sixth Form students include:


  • Medilink residential course held at the University of Nottingham
  • Intromed, based at the Wirral hospitals, a five-day non-residential course

Veterinary Science

  • Vet Medilink residential course held at the University of Nottingham


  • Pathways to the Legal Profession in conjunction with the Liverpool Law Society


  • Physiotherapy Awareness Days held at the Countess of Chester


  • Information Days held at universities
The above list is not exhaustive and opportunities will actively be sought once the students’ aspirations are discussed and reviewed.


There are also an increasing number of Degree Apprenticeships available in the UK.  These offer a vocational and practical qualification that results in students receiving a high-class degree and three years of real life, real workplace training.   These are very competitive and offer a real alternative for students who are highly motivated.