Rise-Shine-and-Twilight-sessions-pic.pngOur ‘Rise & Shine’ and ‘Twilight’ sessions are a time to relax, play and enjoy being with friends as an extension to the Star Activities courses.

During these sessions children are offered a wide range of activities and games to play and take part in, including toys and puzzles, imaginative play, art activities and construction games. Children can also play outside (weather permitting) or relax by reading a book, watching a DVD or using one of the tablet devices provided.

Timing: 8am-10am
Cost: £8 per day or £35 per week

A breakfast of toast and a selection of jams and cereals is offered to children and is served in Rise & Shine up until 9.30am.



Timing: 4pm-6pm 
Cost: £8 per day or £35 per week

Children will relax and play after an exciting day of activities and will be offered a light tea* in the Dining Hall.

*Please note that this is not intended to replace their meal at home.