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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning plays an important role within the education offered at the School.  

There is an ever-increasing amount of research that highlights the importance of children connecting with nature and spending time outdoors. By utilising the natural environment and providing some inspiring places for outdoor work, we have been able to provide unique and meaningful learning opportunities for the children. 

We are proud to have achieved a Level 2 RHS School Garden Award and hope to achieve further levels as our Outdoor provision grows and develops.

Outdoor Classroom 

Our Outdoor Classroom offers an exciting and stimulating environment in which children not only learn about nature, but also take part in a variety of outdoor activities connected to different areas of the curriculum. 

The Outdoor Classroom area was opened in Summer 2017 and recent additions include:

  • A Willow Dome
  • Minibeast Hotel
  • Water Wall

From seed planting to observing mini-beasts, from conducting science experiments to studying seasonal changes, there are lots of activities that the children have an opportunity to take part in.

Prep Allotment

In 2021, with funding from the Parents Association, we added a Prep Allotment to outdoor learning offering. This provides children with opportunities to:

  • plant seasonal produce 
  • care for the environment 
  • to see the journey from seed to plate
  • to try and taste a wider range of vegetables 
  • to work together as a team to care for their year group planting bed and produce 
  • to use a range of tools and equipment safely

Sensory Garden 

Our sensory garden provides children with a calm area to enjoy and explore nature. The garden was designed by the children, with 5 distinct areas- one for each of the human senses.  
The planting allows the children to explore their senses and nature at the same time, for example:

  • fragrant lavender, rosemary and mint to smell 
  • a variety of herbs to taste 
  • soft grasses, prickly shrubs and furry leaves to touch 
  • bright colours and interesting shapes to see
  • rustling grasses and swishing bamboo to hear