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We aim to combine the pursuit of excellence with a ‘sports for all’ philosophy at Birkenhead School and always strive to achieve the highest of standards.

Our Physical Education programme sees us playing competitively against other schools, to help all students gain experience in this healthy and important part of their education. 

Within the staff community, we have a number of colleagues who have international, as well as regional and county experience.  This greatly enhances the coaching provision of our major sports and helps foster confidence, teamwork and the development of specific skills in the students.

The sports curriculum provides a varied and rich programme of single sex and co-educational, individual and team sports and activities, to ensure that all students are catered for and can have the opportunity to find their own niche.

Students can sample many activities, at different levels, to give them a broad base, both individual activities and group games can be played, teaching students the importance of co-operation, as well as healthy competition. This ethos is carried right through the School, from the youngest in Prep, to the Senior sports teams. 

Mr Darryl Taylor
Director of Sport


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