03 March 2023

Earlier this week the children in Little School (Reception to Year 2), welcomed children’s author, and self-proclaimed “Chocolate Monster”,  Donna David, to the School to hear all about her new book, Planes, Planes, Planes!.

Donna was high-energy, warm and engaging and immediately captivated the room – no easy feat for a room full of 4 to 7 year olds! After a brief chat about her upbringing, which playfully involved a game of true or false, she went on to explain the process of publishing a book from proposal to publication and used the children to represent the different steps from author to agents and design to distribution. The children were surprised to hear how long the process took with Donna explaining it can vary from one to five years – a whole lifetime for some of our Reception children which put it into perspective.


It was no surprise that Donna was a natural storyteller and engaged the children with her rhythmic reading of her new book which had the children mesmerized. After the talk she answered questions from the audience such as how she got her ideas, and how long it took her to write her books. She finished the talk with a book signing and happily chatted to the children about their favourite authors and books ahead of World Book Day the following day.


We’d like to thank Donna for coming in and making us laugh, smile and get excited to read our new, signed books!