25 April 2024

We were delighted to welcome OB, Toby Vaughan, to deliver a Nicholls Lectue to our Sixth Form students.

By Freddie S, Upper Sixth student

Toby is an individual who has gained experience in various firms before currently undertaking a role in a company as the Chief Investment Officer in Hargreaves Lansdown which he has been in for nine months.

Prior to this, Toby gained his education in Birkenhead School achieving good grades before moving on to university life at Leeds University. To gain the edge on others for applications and building his CV, Toby undertook work experience in a banking firm called Merril Lynch for 16 months. This allowed him to balance both work and education so he is now used to balancing family time with his workload for his job at Hargreaves Lansdown, where he is now a Business Manager.

The tips Toby gave were very insightful and lead me to believe that life isn’t just about grafting but also enjoying yourself, being yourself and enjoying life at the same time, then life will take you down the correct route for you. To access the job title and the role Toby is in now, it’s all about being flexible, having social skills and also having the knowledge and surpassing the education qualifications needed to gain valuable experience that can then be transferred to working life. 

The most important thing I gained from the lecture is building your CV up to be able to become employable. These are stepping stones to allow you to go on your path in life and affords you opportunities that you can then go for, with the skills built up over the years. Another important point is self-care and not always focusing on work and chasing the money, you need to identify what you enjoy, stay connected with friends and family and stay fit to allow then time for your children and also be able to provide for other important individuals in your life.

Overall Toby gave some incredible advice that I’m sure all students at the lecture will take on board going through life, allowing lots of time for others, getting your qualifications but most importantly being yourself.